Gloria M. Gomez
Age: 33
Profession: Customer Service
Home: Miami, FL
Procedures: Autologous Fat Transfer To Face
Doctor: Rian Maercks, MD

For Gloria, looking as vivacious as her active and healthy lifestyle was just a fat transfer away. “I was very confident with myself before [but] I tend to work out and keep myself in good health, and the result was that I noticed that my face looked very thin,” she says.

After a consultation with Dr. Maercks, Gloria put to rest any lingering doubts about undergoing surgery. “You never know what the results might be after any cosmetic surgery,” she says. “But, Dr. Maercks has very good manners with his clientele. After [the surgery] he reassured me about the results and I was calm because he explained in detail how it would turn out.”

Now she’s more than happy with her appearance. “The cheek structure he created, and even around the lips and chin… he put just the right amount of fat needed to make my face proportionate.” And even though she kept the procedure quiet, says Gloria, “A lot of people have been complimenting my appearance, saying that I look more youthful and happier. Before, my face looked hollow. Now that it’s fuller they say my face looks beautiful.”

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