New You interviews Adriana de Moura, the star from the cast of Bravo’s new show “Real Housewives of Miami,” on aging, beauty and cosmetic procedures.

NY: What physical changes have you noticed the most as you age?

Adriana: For me it has been a little bit of weight in the midsection, like my waistline is not as tight as it used to be. Maybe a little bit of fat in the upper eyelids. Those are the things that I see that bother me the most.

NY: What are your beauty secrets?

Adriana: I have a personal trainer. His name is Osmin. He trains a bunch of celebrities around town in Miami, like Matt Damon, Mickey Herck and Anna Kournikova. I only eat healthy organic foods. I drink juice every morning. And I stay away from the sun. I try to get a massage every other week if I can.

NY: Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure?

Adriana: Most of the people around me get things done. They’ve all had major procedures done. I haven’t had any procedure done besides Botox and Endermologie. I believe in Botox as prevention from lines forming. And the Endermologie soften the dimples.

NY: Would you ever consider having cosmetic surgery?

Adriana: Yeah, sure. Why not? When the time comes and I feel like I need it, I would do it. I’m a believer—if done in the correct way, with a doctor that’s not in it just to take your money but there because he’s an artist, and he has that eye, and he prides himself in the natural look of his work afterwards.

NY: Where would you go to get something done?

Adriana: In Miami there are a lot of doctors, but I might even go to Brazil when the time comes. You know, Ivo Pitanguay is one of the most amazing plastic surgeons in the world. He’s been like the pope of plastic surgery.

NY: How do you feel about the upcoming premiere of “The Real Housewives of Miami?”

Adriana: It’s been an amazing project. I had a lot of fun. Now I’m just ready to have it air and see everybody’s reaction. I think it’s going to be positive. We’re very fresh and we’re so the “lifestyle” of Miami. Miami is such a destination that I think people are ready to see how we really live here.

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