Genetics, lifestyle, illness and the environment all contribute to the drying out of our skin as we grow older. This condition of dry skin, officially called ‘xerosis,’ can not only feel flaky or itchy, but can also look bad. If you want to return to a more youthful appearance, one of the simplest solutions is to drink more water. Most Americans do not drink enough, with consequences that affect both our health and our appearance. One place that shows up is in the skin, which looks worn and dried out if you are, well, dried out! So, how much should we drink? The optimal intake, say the pundits, is about a half ounce a day for every pound we weigh. For the average person, that means a nice 8-ounce glass of H2O every hour or two that you are awake. Not only will all that fluid help hydrate your skin, it will also flush out toxins that could have an adverse affect on your skin’s appearance.

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