“Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and happy purchase.” ~John Balguy

By: Ivette Figueroa

We could feel the pounding of the manmade waterfall as we approached the Sandpearl Spa through the shadowy passageway. It was like stepping into a hidden enclave that held the promise of secret treasures. We were here for the cure—more specifically, to experience what the Sandpearl Resort on Florida’s west coast described as “enriching the spirit and inspiring the soul.” There were plenty of ways to do this, not the least of which included the 700 feet of powdery white sand where the resort resides. But for us, ground zero was the spa.

A short elevator ride brought us to where the magic happens. The spa immediately opens up to the front desk, where a chunk of bone-white coral showcased the resort’s signature silver pearl rings. A friendly receptionist motioned to a waiting attendant who took us on a brief tour of the fully furnished shower and sauna, the steamy insulated co-ed spa, and the chic little dressing room where we donned our requisite robe and slippers. But it was the dimly lit refreshment room that truly dialed back the outside world. Unseen speakers played a muted melody designed to lead us to a calm, centered place. Fruit-infused water served in glass goblets and our choice of honeyed tea was carefully displayed. A basket of red apples graced the long white coffee table.

Simple, elegant touches like this have earned the resort’s Four-Diamond reputation. Like the sweet mimosa we enjoyed at check-in, or our room’s deep-soaking tub with sea-inspired bath salts. Or better still, the blissful moment when we opened the door to our light-filled junior suite to the sound of soft jazz and the smell of Tate’s Island Grill carried on a breeze past the open balcony. The only disturbance was a soft knock that announced a pair of complimentary shell-shaped chocolates and a set of cards that informed us of the next day’s weather forecast, as well as a “Pearl of Wisdom” inspirational saying.

Our guide to paradise was Nancy, a woman of welcoming smile and cheerful mood who led the way to the treatment room. She asked us to sample a tray of scents and choose the one we responded to the most. Then she presented a simple tray of stones and bade us to choose one at random, but not to turn it over until the end of the treatment session. The stone is an “intention stone” and is supposed to align your thoughts and desires. We then slipped into a heated bed and surrendered to Nancy’s administrations.

We chose the 80-minute Collagen Facial. This soothing, rejuvenating treatment uses the best marine-based ingredients for an ultra-luxurious facial that exfoliates, firms and nourishes your skin for a soft, radiant glow. It also defines the word “pampered.” Each layer of creams and lotions were applied in harmony with the ambiance created by scent, music and Nancy’s capable hands. No tension escaped her as she rubbed our shoulders and scalp. Serene relaxation was achieved, floating us to that perfect space between sleep and consciousness. That’s when our stone was nestled snuggly in our warm hands. This marked the end of the journey, but the inscribed message is one we felt touched on our deepest desires: Believe In Your Dreams.

Sandpearl Spa
500 Mandalay Avenue,
Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767

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