Pilar Fernandez
Age: 69
Profession: Bookkeeper at a middle school
Home: Palm Coast, FL
Procedures: Facelift, brow lift, lip implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty
Doctor: Curtis Schalit, DDS

When Pilar used to wake up in the morning, she saw a lot of things she didn’t like. “I used to kind of pull my face a little bit here and there until finally one day my husband said, how about having some work done?”

Pilar was worried about choosing the right doctor, and after doing some research decided to talk to Dr. Curtis Schalit—partly because her husband had seen him for a dental procedure. After a satisfying consultation, Pilar felt comfortable enough to take the first step. “I was absolutely ecstatic with the procedure. It turned out beautifully,” she says. “The bottom part came out so good that I said, ‘Well, now I need my eyes done.’” After her brow lift and blepharoplasty, Pilar noticed little feathers on her lips, for which Dr. Schalit recommended lip implants.

“Now I go places and people will not believe [my age]—they think I’m not more than maybe 42- or 43-years-old,” she says. “My husband was elated with it. And when my daughter and I go together to places and she calls me ‘Mom,’ people say ‘what did you call her?’ because they just cannot believe it. We look like sisters… It makes me feel young at heart.”

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